• Normal Pyrolysis Issue and Solutions

    Normal Pyrolysis Issue and Solutions One. Safety First The first priority in Pyrolysis production is safe. Pyrolysis plant should away from living area, without any flammable and combustible material around. High voltage electricity line and communication line are needed for the construction and ...
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  • Environment is Changable As Long As You Work on it

    From Grey Industry Waste Land to Green Entertainment Center Ruhr District, achieved great contribute to the development of Germany Industry. This area contains huge coal resources, approximately 219 trillion tons, about 75% of Germany coal reserves. Among the huge reservation, nearly 22 trillion ...
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  • Where Should Waste Tyre Finally Get ?

    As the car industry developed rapidly, more tires are required to fit the demand. At this situation, more waste tyre and old tyre generate from vehicles, from the year of 2008, there are more than billion tons of waste tyres until now. However, too much waste tyre are damaging the environment for...
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  • Niutech @ 2018 Munich IFAT

    The 20th International Fair for Environmental Protection (IFAT) in Munich, was grandly held at the New International Expo Center in Munich from May 14th to May 18th, 2018. The Munich Expo was founded in 1966, the world’s most professional trade fair for environmental protection. As one of the maj...
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  • Warm congratulations to the new board Niutech Environment Technology Corporation grand listing

    Warm congratulations to the new board Niutech Environment Technology Corporation grand listing

    Niutech Environment Technology Corporation August 2016 1, Niutech Environment Technology Corporation the new board listing ceremony was held in the small and medium-sized enterprises share transfer system, stock code; 837414. Total share capital is 30 million shares, sponsored by the brokerage of...
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  • Niutech New Website Officially Online

    Undertake by Chengdu Gudao, this Niutech New Web officially online at the end of June. This web will fully promote at EU and America Area, mostly on the promotion of Oil Sludge Pyrolysis.  
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