Oil Distillation System with Best High-Quanlity Products

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Oil distillation system

1. Technical process instruction

After adequately exchanging heat with the product from lateral line of distillation tower, raw oil enters into furnace and is heated up to the required temperature. The raw oil after heated in furnace is transferred into the distillation tower for distillation, a fter cooling, non-combustible gas can be got at the top of tower, gasoline fraction at the 1st atmospheric line, and light diesel fraction at 2nd atmospheric line, heavy diesel fraction at 3rd line and heavy oil at the bottom of tower. The wax content in raw plastic oil is relatively high; the raw plastic oil enters into fixed bed reactor for catalytic de-waxing process after the heat exchanging through furnace, and then is transferred into the distillation tower for distillation, and each lateral line product will be got. Non-combustible gas is introduced into furnace for burning as a kind of fuel. Gasoline and diesel fractions are continuously transferred into oil blending system for alkali washing refinery and blending to get the dynamic gasoline and diesel which can meet market requirement. The heavy oil at bottom of tower is transferred into heavy fuel oil tank to supply fuel for furnace and steam boiler; the rested heavy oil will be blended according to market requirement and then sold as fuel oil.

2. Equipment Constitution and Main Equipment

The oil distillation unit is totally divided into 8 systems as following: Steam boiler system Raw oil system Every lateral oil line system Non-combustible gas system Cooling water system Compression system Oil blending system Control system

3. Features and advantages

1 . It can realize the continuous process, blending and refinery of raw oil, maximize the process capacity of the complete set of equipment, minimize the production time and optimize the quality of output, in the meantime, production efficiency and enterprise revenue will be improved significantly. 2 . Non-combustible gas is introduced into furnace for burning as a fuel, which not only reduces the emission pollution and also saves energy as well as lowers cost. 3 . Three main advantages of fixed bed reactor: (1). Effectively solve the problem that the impurity content in raw oil is so high that deactivates catalyst quickly. (2). It can realize the catalyst recycling and reduce operating cost greatly. (3). The catalytic de-waxing effect can not only improve the yield rate of gasoline and light diesel with high added-value, also improve oil quality effectively. 4 . The complete set of distillation system is automatically controlled by PLC (Programmable logic control) system, achieves to automatically control the reference points and has multiple functions, such as, data collection, calculation, record, print report forms, alarm and so on. Oil-distillation-system

Niutech Environment Technology Advantages

Industrial continuous, massive throughput, enhance treatment efficiency and production capability. Exclusive low temperature pyrolysis technology, low consumption, enhance oil yield and quality, ensure long term, continuous and steady operation of production , dramatically expand equipment* lifespan. Exclusive anti-cocking, thermal distribution technology, enable the material equally heated and ?completely pyrolized, to achieved high quality product. Exclusively hot seal technology, to ensure operation safe and reliable. Exclusive gas purification and remaining heat recycling utilization technology, purified gas can be used for heating system as combustible gas, remaining heat can be dully utilized, realized self-supply for pyrolysis reaction without extra heating source, dramatically minimize running cost. Exhaust gas of production line has been tested, all emission parameter meet the requirement of EU EEA of EU and US EPA. Entire production line adopt PLC intelligent control, warning, alarm and auto-correction function, insure operation under safety condition. Low requirement for manpower, Low working intensity and clean production.

Comparison Chart “Comparison of current technology situation between domestic and abroad”

Comparison of current technology situation between domestic and abroad

  • Emission specification in compliance with EEA standard in EU and EPA standard in US


  • The solely facility selected in conformity with comprehensive utilization of waste tire industry access conditions issued by MIIT


  • Core Patents (Overseas)


  • Core Patents (Domestic)


Q: What’s the capacity ranges that you could provide?

A: We could provide 10000T/Y﹜20000T/Y﹜30000T/Y and bigger capacities

Q: what’s kind of systems you could provide?

A: Industrial Continuous Scrap Tire Pyrolysis Production Line; Industrial Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Line; Oil Distillation system; Carbon Black Further Treatment System

Q: The Space Requirement?

A:As for a 10,000T/Y line, the workshop of pyrolysis section is 48m*20m*9m, which is excluding tire (or plastic) shredding and finished products treatment workshops

Q: Labor Requirement?

AㄩNo labor needed during production, but only for control, inspection and transportation. As for a 10,000T/Y line, it need about 3-4 labors/shift

Q: Delivery Time?

A: As for a 10,000T/Y line, it needs about 5-6 months

Q: Will your company provide Onsite Installation and Turn-Key Project?

A: For the Europe we are sufficient to provide onsite installation and Turn-Key Project; for other countries and regions other than Europe, we could provide supervision installation, commissioning and labor training service.

Q: How can you prove that your technology and equipment is the most advanced and stable one in the field?

AㄩWe insist to combine theoretics and practice in developing our technology. We have many years practical operation experience of pyrolysis plant and we found and made the upgrade and modification accordingly. At the meanwhile, we have many commercial and continuous running customers* plants in different countries.

Q: Could you provide site visit of your running plant?

A: Yes, we could provide existing customer*s plant for your site visit.

Q: What are the applications of oil and carbon black

A: The oil specification produced by our continuous pyrolysis production line is complying with SH/T0356-1996 No 4 Light Fuel Oil. The produced oil has high heat value and low sulfur content, could be used for burning, generator and the raw oil for distillation etc. The oil after distillation process could be applied for big power-low speed diesel engine, engineering and agricultural vehicles/ marine engineer and all kinds of generators. For the application of Carbon Black, please contact us to get more details

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